Reply To: Piggy Challenge #1

22nd August 2015 at 6:01 pm #3481

Noted, I feel the character should be a lot more beefy. If you look at the concept art you will see a lot more neck and muscle mixed with fat.. Body builder that gave in on Mcdonald’s. Character’s balance is better when moving stomach out a bit.

My legs I feel are closer to concept – not 100% what you mean by the bipedal part (human legs?) For me the concept looks more like a quadruped type leg? Let me know!

[quote=3476]– …almost as though he is leaning too far forward . . . by moving his shoulders forward I think it will resolve the side profile form…… The legs are getting better, but as it is a bipedal humanoid character maybe it still feels strange because it looks like the legs of an antelope or dog…