Kinetic energy

kinetic eneryg motion graphic still
formula image for kinetic energy

Formula for the rough estimation

This was fun little project where I gathered data from what my mouse does over a day and then over weeks and so on. I then thought of it if we could harness the power a mouse click and movement creates what would the outcome be?

This is a loose formula and I am sure there are people that would argue with this but it would be cool if this was true.

Mass x Gravity = Force (newton) Mass of mouse button = 0.45 grams Gravity = 9.8 0.45 x 98 = 0.441N Force = 0.411N

Force x distance = work (joules) 0.411N x 0.001 mm = 0.000441 J 1 click = 0.000441 J 1 J = 1 watt

So if you take the loose statistics every second the world (people clicking) can generate 60529.32556139513 J = 60.529 KW = Powering 6500 x 100 W lightbulbs

Loosely based


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